Christmas Traditions –Interesting Ways The Festival Is Celebrated Around The World

With the holiday season coming near, there is already a buzz about everywhere. People are shopping and decorating and cooking up delights to serve during their Christmas parties. Families are flying home to get together and celebrate yet another year of togetherness and love. There are traditions involved that are followed in a home for generations – a particular way of baking a cake, a particular way of decorating the tree, a particular way of saying grace on the dinner table. We all have decorated the many Christmas traditions with our own set of colours.

But when you look wider, you will see that different cultures have created their own unique ways of celebrating this festival. There are customs followed in different countries that you will not see anywhere else in the entire world. Let us take a look at these unique Christmas traditions and make an attempt to better understand the festival and how it affects different cultures.

The African Christmas

You will not find any of the conventional white Christmas traditions being followed anywhere when you witness these celebrations in Africa. But you will find that an African Christmas is every bit as festive and fun as what you will witness, say in Europe. The African people put great emphasis on the church, feasting and celebrations. In some counties like the Congo it is customary to leave a gift at the altar of the church at the end of the service for the Christ Child. Service is followed by food, music and dancing where the whole community gets together to celebrate.

The Brazilian Christmas

Christmas traditions followed in the tropical country of Brazil are far more conventional that the ones followed in Europe. Christmas holidays follows the traditional month long celebration and ends on Jan 6 with Three Kings Day, the traditional Catholic holiday that commemorates when the three Wise Men came to see baby Jesus. Santa Claus is called Father Christmas here and the Midnight Mass and Holiday Feast happen to be the most important customs observed.

The Austrian Christmas

This country follows some of the oldest traditions related to Christmas. For them Santa Claus who they call Saint Nicholas visits children on Dec 6 accompanied by the devil to take an accounting of their good and bad deeds for the previous year. Unlike in the US, the Christ Child actually brings the presents and toys for the kids instead of Santa Claus. He also brings the tree with him! You will be surprised to know that many famous carols like ‘Silent Night’ actually originated here.

The German Christmas

Christmas traditions followed in Germany are quite peculiar indeed. Customs such as the Christmas Pickle were actually started in this land. People are still unclear as to which part of Germany did this custom actually originate in but all in all, the festival happens to be quite a lot of fun in this part of the world.

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