"If you enjoy reading adventurous and romantic books then, you'll love this book!

"Summer of My German Soldier"

This book is filled with friendship, romance, tension, and suspense.

This story takes place in an small Arkansas town named Jenkinsville.

At this time World War 2 is raging on.

This is Patricia Bergen, the main character of this story.

Patty's whole world is about to change when she meets Frederick Anton Reiker a German Nazi taken captive by the U.S.A.


Patty is the first child of the cruel Harry Bergen and self-centered Pearl Bergen. Patty has a little sister named Sharon, who gets all the love and attention. Patty is a very smart girl, since she reads dictionaries for fun, but she doesn't always makes wise choices. Patty's only one true friend is Ruth; Ruth is the African American who takes care of the house and is more of a mother to Patty than her real mother, Pearl.

The major thing about Patty is she is a Jew!

Join Patty on a quest for hope, love, and friendship.
You'll enjoy this book to the very end and never forget
"Summer of my German Soldier"

Don't forget to get the sequel
"Morning is a long time coming"

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