Mike Livak

Vice President of Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Mike Livak is the Senior Vice President of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. But he's always been interested in skiing. He first started at Squaw Valley in 1990, where he would work as a ski instructor until 1996. During that time he attended two colleges. The University of California at Los Angeles where he would get his BA in Business. Then in 1998 Mike graduated from the University of California at Davis with his MBA.

From there he decided to go career in the skiing hospitality industry. He became the VP of Royal Gorge LLC, and helped them to develop their 950 unit mixed use mountain resort subdivision. They are also the nation's largest cross country resort.

Currently, Mike is back at Squaw Valley Ski Resort, and was responsible for helping to develop the company's Village at Squaw Valley condominium setup, as well as their commercial business real estate.

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