SloshBall Saturday

Golden Gate Park @ 1:00PM

Summer has officially ended, but am not going down without a fight!

Come out and show everyone what you got....
There will be multiple kegs of beer and lots of food for barbeque...
Already had over 40 people confirm via text (if you were one of them, confirm this invite as well).


We will all meet @ 1383 24th Ave, San Francisco and walk to Golden Gate Park from there once most show up (2ish)...

For those who aren't familiar with SloshBall...
The rules:

1. A player must have a beer in his or her hand at all times, even in the field. Under no circumstances may a player set down his beer.

2. The slam off decides which team kicks first. Line your teams up face-to-face. One member from each team starts and the next person starts when the one before him finishes and so on down the line. The first team to finish kicks first.

3. When coming up to kick, a player must fill his or her beer and the beer must be finished immediately after making an out. If the player gets on base, he or she must completely finish the beer before crossing home plate.

4. Any player that strikes out must chug their entire beer.

5. When there is a disputed call, institute the challenge rule instead of wasting time arguing. A fielding player challenges the kicking team player involved in the disputed play to a beer "chug off" to determine the correct call.

6. The game doesn't end until the keg is gone.

Tackk it up!

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