How Robots & prosthetics can help people with disabilities.

How do robots help with people who have disability, you may ask? Well robots do a lot for disabled people, for instance robots are programmed to do what he/she wants it to do for them. Robots don't just do one task, they do every move that it is telling them to do. What do robots do for humans? Well have you ever seen a robo-sweeper, the robo-sweeper is something that is programmed to clean your house whenever you are gone. What does a prosthetic do? If you lose a leg or an arm you get a prosthetic arm or leg.  A Prosthetic leg or arm does a lot for example if you like to do track and you lose your leg you can get a prosthetic leg to support or help you run.

Prosthetic leg for athletes
Prosthetic arm for disabled
Robot for kids who are disabled