Top Ten Sites - What I Learned

Top Ten Sites for learning helped me finally dive into the "pool" of technology.  A very useful and motivational site encountered while completing assignment number six: the Common Core Conversation, was Wing Clips. Wing Clips has inspirational movie clips and commencement speeches categorized by topic.  Live binders has helped me to organize many of the worthwhile and innovative websites introduced in this course.  A particularly helpful site for social studies also gleaned from this course is called History Tech.  History Tech has links to: listen current, magic words, how we got to now, the green book, and 8 tech tools that encourage literacy skills. 

I struggled during this course to quickly access the information acquired.  I continued to rely on pen and paper to jot down sites and notes.  By the end of the course I had compiled a plethora of useful and relevant sites related to the content specifics of my curriculum.  I am no longer wasting time on google.  I have a binder full of websites pertinent to the development of my courses and most importantly my students. 

My two major goals for the future include: 1) continuing to get over the intimidation technology poses for me.  Its rapid rate of change is overwhelming but I have realized that I am not without skills and only need  to continue to hone my ability to see the endless possibilities it presents as a tool for teaching.  2) Incorporate technology into my classroom not merely as a substitute for something old for something new, but for redefinition and transformation so that the technology allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable

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3 years ago

"If we teach today's students as we taught yesterdays we would rob them of tomorrow." - John Dewey