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The Thief Lord

Cornelia Funke

On the streets of Venice, Italy, where quiet canals lay still, there hides a secret world. One full of magic and mystery. In the early morning hours, on the old cobble stone streets does the story begin.


The main character, Prosper. The boy fled from the ones he called "family" with a dream in his heart and his younger brother Bo by his side. After the passing of his mother he goes to see the magical city of Venice that his mother loved so much. His evil Aunt Ether and wretched Uncle Max try and find them and take them back with them. Prosper will try his hardest to protect and find safe lodging for his brother, but who will take him in? The Street kids of course! The small group of kids that live hidden and safe in the vast mazes of Italy's buildings. But will they be safe?


The menacing Barbarossa, a true man of money and greed. He is willing to scam the most innocent of tourists if it means a good pay. Barbarossa tries to turn Prosper in for a reward, but the boy is a bit to nimble for his tricks. He plays a very large roll in this book.

Prosper and Bo will go through many trials, meet new friends, and travel to distant places. But will it be worth it? Will his horrid Aunt find them and take them away? Or will they get wrapped up in the magic of a thief?

"The city had welcomed Bo and him like a great, gentle animal. It had hidden them in its winding alleys and had enchanted them with its exotic sounds and strange smells. It had even provided them with friends. Prosper didn't ever want to leave again. Never."

This book is a very mysterious and loving book. Like Prosper, I never wanted to leave the magical place of Venice, Italy. If you enjoy the hilarity of men with mustaches and a good chase, this is the book for you! I will warn you, the Thief Lord can, and will, steal your heart away....Right from under your nose!! You have been warned my friend.

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