City of Bones



simon-clary's best friend



alec-another brunette

valentine-main antagonist

luke-basically clary's stepdad


clary had just witnessed the murder of a teenage boy. well, almost a teenage boy. as clary was partying at the pandemonium club, she encounters three other teenagers who kill another person.

Later that night when she goes home Clary gets attacked by a monster and is nearly killed. But, she is then saved by a boy that was one of the teenagers from the club. when Clary wakes up the next morning, she finds herself in a place called the institute where the boy, named Jace, had taken her. Clary finds out that her mother had been kidnapped by a man named Valentine. she then decides with jace to go back to her house to get stuff she needs. once they are there, they are attacked by monsters who were once humans called forsaken. they escape then head back to the institute. Later on Clary, Jace, and the others leave for Clarys house once again to search for the Mortal   Cup, which is a mortal instrument that the villain Valentine is looking for. they get there and find the cup and battle a Greater Demon named Abbodon. once they get back to the institute, the group is betrayed by the trainer Hodge who gives the mortal cup and Jace to valentine. Clary, upon discovering where Valentines evil lair is, joins forces with Luke who is a werewolf. along with Lukes wolf pack, they attack Valentines lair and discover it is guarded by dozens of forsaken.


was the ending satisfactory?- yes i thought that it was a good book and had ended the story well

Is this book part of a series?- yes it is the first book in a series of six books

Did I enjoy this book?- I did enjoy this book because it was a supernatural style of writing that I like.

would i recommend this book?- i would recommend this book because it is a good story and is fairly well written.

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