23rd Aug, 1867 : William Seward Purchases Alaska

Seward purchased Alaska from Russia for a cost of 7.2 million dollars. It was about 2.5 cents per square mile.

10th Jan, 1898 : Hawaii was annexed

Queen Liliuokalani was overthrown by planters. Hawaii was annexed into the U.S. as the 50th state.

24th Jan, 1898: MaineU.S.S Maine exploded

The U.S.S. Maine was sent to Cuba to protect U.S citizens. It blew up in Havana's harbor.

20th Apr, 1898 : Spanish War Began

Spanish forces didn't leave Cuba. President Mckinley declared war.

1st May, 1898 : America controls the Phillipines

Commodore Dewey led forces into Manilla. He became a hero in America after his victory.

17th Jun, 1898:Rough Riders are formed

President Roosevelt formed a cavalry called Rough Riders. It was made up of athletes, miners, cowboys, policemen, college students and native americans

25th Dec, 1898:War is over

Spain signed a peace treaty with the U.S. They also gave up Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Phillipines.

7th Jul, 1899:Open Door Policy

Secretary of State, John Hay was worried by all the spheres in eastern China. He established the open door policy so no country could have a monopoly on China's trade.

22nd May, 1903:Platt Amendment

Allows U.S. to intervene wtith cuban affairs if life, property, or personal liberty is threatened. It also allowed a Naval base and Guantanamo Bay

10th Jan, 1914 :Panama Canal Finished

It cost the U.S $325 million to build it and much more to pay for the land. The Panama Canal connected the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

world war 1 : august 1 1914

Germany declares war on serbia for the assassination of France  

u.s enters war : april 6, 1917

us decides to enter the war to bring peace

selective act : may 18 1917

us is in need between the ages of 21-31 to register for war

willsons 14 points : january 18 1918

the basis for a peace program US wrote them to bring peace

treaty of versailles : june 28 1919

ends the ww1 although us dint sigh the league of nations.

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