Follow your dreams!!!!

I love pandas!!!!

I am a confident girl and I also love to go outdoors. I also love to draw and play with my puppy Jaxson!

My goals in life are to go to collage and get a really good job that will help learn about being a vet. I also hope that I will be able to travel to Disneyland and Banff with my bestest friend Katie Chesterman!!!

Well one of my talents is that I can do a handstand then flip backwards and then go into an arch. I am also good at reading, Drawing and sports ex, floor hockey.

My favorite books are The Hate List, The Maze Runner, and ALOT of others!!! My favorite colors are Lime Green and Hot Pink. My favorite things to do are hang out with Katie Chesterman, and Dana Mitchell. Never underestimate yourself!!!!!!!

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