Blooms Taxonomy

by Jonah warmoth


The Kinect sensor uses gray scale and depth perception to see you and copy your movements. It also can hear you by a audio microphone. They make them so violent because people think it is fun and that is bad if people are violent because it leaves a bad influence on younger people.The Xbox remembers your games with a 64 MB storage. IT knows when a disc is in because there are sensors on the Xbox that read the code on the disc.


A disc compartment on a Xbox is a complicated part on the Xbox. It reads the disc with a sensor on the compartment it reads the lines on the disc to make what you are doing on the  controller  match the television screen. The out come of video games though effects your heath mostly your eyes and brain.

A circuit board on a Xbox is a cool thing.  There is a micro chip put in the circuit board that tells time ,date, battery ,U.S.B ports , Etc.


If I were to modify or change the Xbox I would add more storage and more usb ports. It has a lack of battery What I don't really like about the Xbox is that you have to sign in every time.


If I had to evaluate the these cites [ Unity]. I would have given the a 3 it didn't really help me that much but it gave me a idea. Unity  I'd give it a 2 it wasn't very helpful at all because it was very complex. Gamefroot I'd give a Ten it really helped me it had pretty much everything I needed. I hope you will enjoy my game thanks.