Rhianna Turturice

Ancient Mesopotamia

In Ancient Mesopotamia the social classes were very important. The social class was made up of five levels. The highest level of the pyramid were the kings. The kings were the people who ruled Mesopotamia. They also made laws. One of the kings was Hammurabi, and he made the 282 laws called Hammurabi's Code. The next level of the pyramid is priests. The priests  performed religious ceremonies. Their religion was polytheism, which is the belief or worship of many gods. They used ziggurats and temples.The next level of the social pyramid is a scribe. A scribe is a person who is taught to write. In Mesopotamia only a few people were scribes. Usually men were scribes but women could be scribes too. The first system of writing was cuneiform. The next level of the social pyramid is  farmers, traders, and merchants. these people were important to the civilization because they did things and provided things to people for them to have food and nice things. Farmers grow crops for others to have food. Traders traded things with people faraway for better things. Merchants were business people who sold goods to people. The last level of the social pyramid are slaves. Slaves could be sold to people. They had to do work for upper class people. I think it makes the civilization advanced because these people are important. They wouldn't have things to trade or farm or sell if the civilization wasn't advanced.

The art and architecture of ancient Mesopotamia proves that the civilization was advanced because it shows what they can do. When civilizations have art that means that they had time to make the art. If they weren't advanced they wouldn't have time. Also architecture shows that they were advanced too. If they had big buildings that shows that they had more time to build them. I think it shows that they were advanced because art and architecture are extra things that they had because they had time to make them.

The advancements of Mesopotamia were important because they show that they were smart. Some of the major advancements were writing, wheel, art and architecture, and math and science. these were important because they helped people one way or another. When writing was invented scribes were also invented. When the wheel was invented people could ride in chariots.When art and architecture was invented it made the civilization look nicer. Lastly, when math and science was invented people could have more knowledge. Other great things were invented like the plow, sewers, jewelry, bronze tools, makeup, and the water clock. Those were all technical advancements. If these things weren't invented we would not be living the way we do now.