Harriet Tubman
By Lynn Pham

Who is Harriet Tubman?

Araminta Greene, AKA Harriet Tubman was born in the 1822 in the state of Maryland. As a person who was born into slavery, Tubman was abused by her master/owner. When she was thirteen, Tubman tried to protect another slave by blocking the hit by using herself. She got hit so hard that it caused her to fall asleep at random time and it made her see visions.

Tubman got married to a free African-american named John Tubman. When she went to escape to the north, Tubman went herself because her husband decided not to accompany her. Tubman went through the Underground Railroad up to Philadelphia. She was guided through the entire way by using the North star. Not long after her safe arrival, she went back to get her family and hired a wagon and got the other slaves.

When the Civil War came, Harriet was a nurse and a spy for the Union. She even bought acres of land for a church that supports people who used to be a slave. Her heroism and bravery contributed to the Union's victory. She is a big part of the American history.

The Problems of Slavery

Slavery has been around since the beginning of time. Slaves everywhere are being abused by their owners/masters. They are made to do work since a child until they die. They would be abused so harsh, that they it would create a mental or physical problem. With slaves all over the world, what is the meaning of unalienable rights?

Become a hero

To prevent from trafficking, Barack Obama has official made January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. January is the month where organizations, families, and all Americans to help take role and stand up for those who are in these terrible situations. We all can learn together that looks and personality doesn't make a person apart from being a human. Take a chance and stand up and you might make a new friend.

It's very important to stop slavery and human trafficking, because if we don't, the years of slavery would come back. The United states would not be a free country but a slave country all over again. Nothing will be the same ever again unless you make a difference.

The Future Depends on You

Depending on your life style this survey will tell you how many slaves you would have and ways to prevent you from being a slave owner.


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