By: Keegan Drake

Water Pollution In Missouri

Define: The problem is people are polluting Missouri's waterways. This is causing clean water to decrease in quality. This is a huge problem because water can carry diseases coming from trash.

Discover: People have polluted water for years and years and years but now it is starting to get serious. You might not see it but it is definitely there. People might not even realize they're doing any harm but they are. I wish there would be a place where all this horrible pollution is gone keep reading to find out more about my wish.

Dream: If I could have one wish it would be to rid the world of pollution altogether. But I don't think I can snap my finger and "Boom!" that happens so I need you to help me save Missouri.


Step 1. Spread news, of water pollution and how harmful it is.

Step 2. Get involved, pick up trash at a waterway close to you.

Step 3. Compost or recycle, anything that you found, its good for the Earth.

Step 4. Talk about, it share how much, how little or even how long it took you to pick up that trash (share at the bottom of this page.)

Step 5. CELEBRATE!!!

Conclusion:These are just a couple reasons why we need to stop polluting Missouri's waterways. Did you know that dirty water kills 5,000 children a day. Thank you for reading and I hope you'll help me stop all this pollution.

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