Kristallnacht         is a nationwide pogrom that is also referred to as the "night of broken glass." German troops took over any stores or any buildings that were owned by Jews. They destroyed them. There was an outburst of violence a few days later caused by a shooting that was caused by a seventeen year old Polish Jew. They immediately expelled Polish Jews to camps nearby. Kristallnacht was an event leading to chaos and destruction. The Holocaust is a tragedy that should've never happened, and it makes my stomach turn just hearing about the stories that was taken place. We'll never forget.

Annes Diary

Anne Frank wrote a diary when she was hiding in the "secret annex" and every day she wrote about the events that took place each day. When the Franks were found Anne had left her diary where the were hiding and there family friend found it. When Otto Frank took possession of it he decided to keep her memory alive by publishing her diary. It sold to millions around the world and she is now known for her fascinating experiences throughout the Holocaust.

"The secret annex"

The Secret Annex is where the Franks were hiding. It was hidden behind a book case and they were hidden for a good while until they were found. Anne Frank's family shared a living quarter with the "Van Daans" They had many complications but they managed to live together for some time. I guess it was the fear of being set off to who knows where. I respect the Franks and Van Daans for making an attempt to live a full and happy life while shutting out reality. I have much respect for all of them.

Holocaust- A tragedy that should've never of happened.

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