Mario with eyes the color of the summer grass.

Mario of the lushes flowing hair.

Mario whose smile can blind a man.

Is a boy, girls dream about.

Running through my mind like a song thats stuck in my head for days on.

Flashing a smile to all who passes.

Rocking my world with unthinkalbe hints.

Makes the women blush.

Cause heart to melt like ice cream on a hot summers day.

Mario leaveing a trail of broken hearts like clues that a man tracker would use.

Chuckles at me and makes feel loved.

Denys most and accepts few.

Because he waits for the one who he can call his wife.

Mario inside a hundred dollar shirt is a misunderstood boy.

Inside that buff chest is a beating heart.

Inside that head whos thoughts are a mystry.

Is a young man who respects all but fears none.

Mario waves at me like a kite in the summer wind.

Mario sings so beautifully he makes angels crys.

Mario turns heads as he walks through the hall.

Mario weeps because he has no real friends.

Mario feels lost in a sea of fake friends just waiting to drown him.

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