Healthy Choices

The lifestyle and affects of drugs, tobacco, exercising, quality of the air, food, and alcohol. So the affects of the human body from food, air, etc is that if you have to much of certain things on the list then its bad or good for you. Like having good air is not at all bad for you but having bad/ polluted air in the atmosphere it could give people asthma attacks which can later give people lung cancer. Similar to bad air, smoking cigarettes can also lead to damage to the lungs and cancer. It can also lead to gum disease and damage to teeth. Another thing that is bad for you are drugs, they are addictive, weakens the immune system and can cause damage to your body and brain. Since some drugs are very addictive, some people eventually like it so much they abuse the drugs and if they take to much it can kill them. Eating good foods are healthy for the body, controls body weight, helps fights diseases, and improves a better mood. But eating bad could make you have diabetes, gains more weight, and your eating a lot of sodium. Exercise could also help control body weight, boosts energy, and gives a better mood. But study shows that having to much exercise is not that healthy. Like it says exercising to much can decrease life span, and also can be not good for the muscles when exercising to much. So if you eat healthy, don't do any drugs, do a good healthy exercise, and live in a good environment then you are good to go.