The Fault In our stars

"The Fault In Our Stars" takes place in present day Indianapolis.  However, in this book you don't get to know much about the city.  This is because the main character Hazel Grace Lancaster has terminal thyroid cancer.  Hazel Grace has known about this horrible cancer since she was only thirteen years old.  Flash forward, and Hazel Grace is now 16 years old.  Hazel spends most of her life in hospitals, clinics, her house (bedroom), and in the literal heart of Jesus.  The literal heart of Jesus is a little room in the basement of Hazel Grace's church.  Within the literal heart of Jesus there are meeting held every week for children who either have, or have had cancer.  Hazel Grace doesn't like talking about her cancer, and she especially doesn't like listening to everyone else's story, because it just makes her even more depressed.  One week Hazel's mom took her to the meeting even though Hazel asked her not to make her go.  When Hazel got their, there was a tall, handsome boy that she had never seen before.  He stared at her and smiled. This boy was Augustus Waters, and from their first encounter on, neither of their lives will ever be the same.  

Hazel and Augustus

Hazel Grace Lancaster: Sixteen year old Hazel Grace Lancaster, after her first encounter with seventeen year old Augustus Waters came out of her shell of depression.  After being diagnosed Hazel never thought that she could ever be happy.  She became secluded within her depression.  After the meeting with Augustus, and seeing how Augustus dealt with his cancer experience, Hazel realized that she needed to live life to the fullest of her ability.  

Augustus Waters: Augustus is the love interest of Hazel Grace Lancaster.  He is the one that changes Hazel's life for the better, and he teaches her what real love is.  

What Happens

The story opens up with us being introduced to main character Hazel Grace Lancaster.  She attends a church cancer group and meets and falls in love with Augustus Waters.  Augustus opens Hazel's eyes up to a whole new world.  He takes her on an adventure to meet her favorite author, because that is Hazel's biggest wish before she dies.  On all of their adventures, Hazel and Augustus fall into a very deep love for each other.  As the story starts to unravel, we discover something very shocking about Augustus that changes the whole dynamic of the story.  In the end, both Hazel and Augustus's lives change and nothing will ever be the same.  

My Impression

The Fault in our Stars is honestly one of the most sad books that I have ever read.  It is filled with amazingly inspirational quotes, but along with the inspiration came heart break. John Green did an amazing job at creating a very true to life story.  The most amazing thing in The Fault in our Stars is the fact that Hazel Grace and Augustus are very realistic characters.  They fall into a love that seems so real, you get to see not only the struggles in their relationship, but also their struggles in life.  John Green did not write a work of fiction, he wrote a tale of life.  He made sure that you didn't fall into a make believe world, but even more hard to do, he wrote a very realistic work of life.  I loved the fact that John Green put everything out there.  I was able to take a look at my life and realize how lucky I am for every single thing in my life.  It was wonderful for me to see how when death looked someone straight in the eyes, they stayed positive through it all.  I understand that "oblivion is inevitable" and "we have control with who hurts us in this world." This book really changed my life, and opened my eyes to the beauty of life.