Choosing  My Project (Entry 1)

1- I choose the Rube Goldberg Machine

2-  I choose this project because I like to create machines and work with others to problem solve.

3- I want to learn certain things about this project, such as how to make things work and how to create this machine right.

4- I wouldn't want this to be my career.

Planning (Entry #2)

Today  we planned out our machine. We also talked about what everyone needs to get. we have our picture layed  out. we found out hiw our machine to work. I am exicted to see it in action.

Intro Research Part 2 (entry #3)

We watched recommendation videos to help us understand the concept. With that information we were able to draw and lay out our machine.  I am excited to see our machine work.

Questions Answered (entry #4)

Specifically I write and lay out what my machine will be doing and looking like. Once I did that i took a picture and posted it. (look up above). I answered the questions of how to create my machine. Also i answered my question of how to lay out and find out the materials.

Entry #5

below is a picture of our first stage. we had some difficulties on getting the string to stay. We were confused and then we found out how do it. I was exicted to see the stages all put toegther.

What are you finding out while doing your project?(Entry #5-#6)

We are finding out how our machine works. Most of our stages have worked as planned some we just have to adjust. Our diffuclites are trying to figure out to get things to work.

What special terms (technical) do you need to know?(entry 6-7)

We are going to use the pulley tool later in our machine. That is our only technical term we really have. Our machine has been in action and its really cool.

NEW Questions and Information!
(entry #8)

We have some new information!! We figured out some of our stages that we have been working on for while. We added a  clothes line pin and some other things we had.

Technical Parts?!

Our machine is almost all the way done. All we have to done is test it and see if everything works correctly. I feel good about our machine because it has been working nice.

Tech Stuff, Part 2

We are at the point to almost finishing. We are having some diffucluties on our third stage. We are going to fix this by figuring out what exactly we need to do to fix it.

Your Choice Entry
(Entry #10)

Our machine has been in progress. We are thinking about chaninging some things. We are starting to find out what might work and what may not work.

What ever you want
(entry #11)

We are thinking about switching one of our stages. The water in the cup idea is working out as good as planned. So we are gonna change that too a marble rolling into the bowl.

Entry #12

We added a cardboard ramp. this is becuase one of our stages was working properly. So we have finally found out how to work my stages.

Entry #13

We have finally found out changes that need to be done. We have also added something different that will be in the picture. I say we have accomplished a lot throughout our work time. We added a ramp and below is a picture.  Our goal is to get the ball into the bowl.

Entry  #14
(what is your next step?)

From now i would like to get to possibly another additional stage. But we haven't finished  all of our others. Our machine is almost done. We just need to figure out how to get it to work completely.

Entry #16

We had to change the ramp to a zip line because there was only allowed one rolling stage. Which i can see why because you want your machine to do many things not just the same thing after every other stage. I think we will be able to get our stages figured out and get things to work correctly.

Entry #17

My group created the zip line part and there tackk names are @taylor baillie and

@kmsbastrakovaarins. They have a video on tere tackk. unfortuantly i wasnt there. But the rest of my group was. i am very proud of them and i would say that they did a great job with the zip line.


In my experince of building i have learned how to collaborate and create a machine. I learned the diffuculties of things in life and i learned how to problem solve. My project turned out to be good, at least i think so. we were told one day that we couldn't do one of our stages so we said okay ans we thought of something else. That is how we came up with the zip line. Since i wasn't there one day the showed him. I am very proud of my group and think we learned how to problem. I think we accomplished things we never thought we could. I do not wish to pick anything else. Im glad i got to collabrate with others and get to bulid such a nice machine. We had a success because we problem solved we worked and we collabrated on ideas when things did not work out as planned.  

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