Texas Christian University

About TCU

TCU has an enrollment of 10,033

The mascot is the super frog

TCU relocate to Downtown Fort Worth in 1910

The colors of TCU is purple and white

The location of TCU is 2800's University Dr, Fort Worth, Tx 76129

The campus has a fountain and student can walk around during the day but not late at night

there are 8,647 undergraduate students and 1,386 graduate students

I chose this university because I like the mascot and it is in Texas

  to contact them call 817-257-7660

books are $1050 per semester

the resident hall is 6900

the annual cost is about 50,940

students life will spend at lest 15 hours a week during college in class

there is 19 residents halls whiten walking distant so you rest after a hard day of work     

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