Richard Barry Nel - Travel Magazine in Johannesburg, South Africa

Richard Barry Nel has always been known to be on the move. From a young age, travel was instilled in him by his parents as they took every opportunity they could to experience a foreign culture. Through his parents, he was able to learn and understand the importance of travel, how it can help you truly understand a people you couldn’t possibly comprehend just from reading a text book. It was this idea that motivated him to become a journalist and travel writer. He now attempts to instill the value and experience of travel into every one of his articles so that people may better understand a culture. Currently, Richard Nel’s permanent residence is located in Johannesburg, South Africa where he moved when he was 25. Before moving to Johannesburg, South Africa, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and international communication from the prestigious institution, the University of Pretoria. Following his Bachelor of Arts degree, he received his Master’s degree also in journalism and international communication from the same institution. With his newly found knowledge and skill set, he moved to Johannesburg in search of an exciting career. He was hired as a travel writer for a travel based publication within the city.

Richard Barry Nel is an expert when it comes to travel. Traveling itself can often be a daunting task for people who aren’t experienced with being submersed in a foreign place. Learning what items are necessary and what items aren’t seems like an easy enough task, but you won’t know if you brought the right things until you do your research. Richard Barry Nel explains in a piece regarding tips for first time travelers that not only what, but how much you bring can either make or break a trip. He likes to pack as lightly as possible in order to be more ready for any activity that may spontaneously arise.

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