Runed- A film log by

Richard Kosnar

This is where I will be posting updates on my thesis film project Runed! Here you will find  development logs, conceptual sketches, storyboards, and updates on the project as it nears completion!

Story Boards

Here are some very early storyboard sequences of my favorite scenes. Not all of them made it into the final cut, but will probably be added to the film later down the road.

This is the first opening scene of the film. Sir Glance A-lot and his squire come across a gruesome scene in the middle of their quest, where he first discovers a magical bag of runes.

A scene, which for now has been cut for the purpose of my thesis film, shows Sir Glance A-lot perplexed with the bag of runes, while inadvertently tormenting his squire.

This scene, also cut for now was part of the originally intended ending for the film. One of the runes cause the zombie and squire to switch bodies, just as Sir Glance A-Lot swoops in to save the day!

I took this scene further, and roughly animated it for the purpose of the Leica reel, and a camera move test.


Environment and final character designs

Below are some early rough sketches of these layouts for visual contrast!


It's been a looooooooong year! Graduation day is upon us, and it is finally time to bring you the most up to date cut of my film. It has a pretty elaborate animation style, so I will be working on this film post grad in order to finish.

That's all Folks!

I hope you enjoyed my work! feel free to leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts! Remember to check back for more updates as I continue to work!

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