Richard Romano

Teacher and Writer Richard Romano of Long Island, New York

About Richard Romano

Prior to transitioning to a career as an educator at a pair of Christian high schools in Long Island, New York, Richard Romano spent over 20 years with the New York City Police Department. Holding a bachelor of science in criminal justice from St. John’s University, Richard Romano served as a sergeant, a role in which he managed a number of investigative teams. Since leaving the police force, he has written and developed the film The Investigator, which follows a man’s story of faith and redemption and includes autobiographical elements from the screenwriter’s life.

Aside from his creative work on The Investigator, the Long Island native has cowritten the children’s book, Raymie, Dickie, and the Bean, with his two brothers, Robert and Ray, best known as the lead actor on television’s Everybody Loves Raymond. Richard Romano is currently working on his second book, entitled Sergeant Romano’s Investigation of the Homicide of Jesus Christ.

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