Richard Rust, Indianapolis

Richard Rust - Experienced Anesthesiologist in Indianapolis

Richard Rust is an anesthesiologist and full partner at the private practice group Northside Anesthesia Services, LLC, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Servicing more than 15 surgery centers and numerous St. Vincent’s Hospitals, the company’s anesthesiologists perform more than 100,000 procedures a year. Richard Rust and the anesthesiologists at the company offer a comprehensive compilation of anesthesia services, including cardiac, neuro, geriatric, pediatric, and pain services.

Known as preoperative physicians, anesthesiologists are responsible for determining if a patient can handle the stress of surgery, administering the medications necessary to prepare a patient for emergency surgery, and applying regional anesthesia for patients who remain awake for surgery. Rust and his fellow anesthesiologists are committed to keeping patients alive during complex surgical procedures. To prepare for his career, he earned a medical degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis. He also holds a bachelor of science from Ball State University, where he studied psychology and business.