Rick Holman San Francisco

A Successful Entrepreneur Based in San Francisco

About Rick Holman San Francisco

Rick Holman, an executive with decades of experience in senior management, serves Asher Insights of San Francisco as president. The company delivers a high standard of financial management services. Rick Holman also oversees Bright Lite Structures, an international composite materials business works with auto original equipment manufacturers provide contribute low-cost, quality materials for use in the creation of car chasses and components. Over the course of his career, he has founded seven profitable start-up companies.

Before establishing himself, Rick Holman enrolled at the University of California Walter A. Haas School of Business in Berkeley, California. The school awarded him a master of business administration in finance and management. He further cultivated his interest in economics by auditing graduate seminars at UC Berkeley and authoring a paper titled “Does High Volume Manufacturing Deter and Inhibit Product Innovation?”. His academic background also includes a degree from the University of Cambridge, where he studied linguistics and philosophy, and at Haverford College, where he earned his bachelor of arts in political science and anthropology.