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Rick Kurtz | Resource Dynamics

Rick Kurtz Resource Dynamics

CEO of Resource Dynamics, Rick Kurtz serves as a leading real estate success trainer and consultant. Each year, Rick Kurtz organizes seminars, workshops, and training symposiums across the United States and Canada teaching new and experienced agents, as well as other real estate industry professionals, proven strategies and systems for quickly attracting more customers. Founding Resource Dynamics in 1986, Rick Kurtz has produced and/or promoted more than 2,000 seminars in North America in the last decade.

During the course of his 29 years of working in the industry, Rick Kurtz of Resource Dynamics has developed and launched an effective blueprint for sales training and real estate company creation.

Rick Kurtz and Resource Dynamics is based in Orange County, California. To learn more about his business, visit www.resourcedynamicsltd.com.

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