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Perspective Paragraph

Ned Kelly's last stand

Perspective One-Ned's view

I’m done for the police shot Joe at the pub and they burned Dan and Steve alive. I’m going to go out there and kill them all instead of hiding in the bush, no more hiding time to fight. I step out of cover with armour on armed with only a revolver, I slowly move from tree to tree, once I got close enough I took the first shot and hit the log they were on, the three next to him start shooting I can see Sergeant Steele, senior constable Kelly and some railway guard. I return fire and shoot two shots, one getting Steele in the hand, while moving towards another tree, Steele notices something then shoots my left leg I fall to the ground leaning against a tree. I am done, I am done I screamed and fired one last shot as Steele and the railway man shoot me in my left foot, my right hand, my left arm and twice in the region of my groin, Steele takes off my helmet and hand cuffs me, nothing had penetrated my armour so sadly they took me in and put me in the medical bay where they patched me up.

Perspective Two-Sergeant Steele's view

Ned has escaped he ran into the bushes while we were shooting at Dan Kelly and Steve Hart, burn it down! I yelled, one of the guards lit the hotel and the whole thing went up in flames. A messenger ran up to me and said "the patrol officers have shot and killed Joe Burne at the pub", i sat down next to a railway Guard called Dowsett, a bang exploded into the air and a bullet hit the log i was sitting on, spinning i saw Ned standing behind a tree i returned fire, but the bullets just bounced off his armour. He fired two more shots and one hit me in the hand. I had to think of a way to shoot him. I realised that his legs were showing so i fired a shot into his left leg and he fell against a log. Dowsett and i ran towards him and he fired at us screaming "i am done, i am done!". We both fired, getting him in the left foot, the right hand, the left arm and twice in the groin. I took off his helmet and handcuffed him, then dragged him to the surgeon who patched him up.

A Brief Idea of the last stand

Australian Icon

Persuasive article

What are the first five things you think of when someone mentions Australia. My first five are; kangaroos, emus, the shape of Australia, green 'n' gold and Ned Kelly. Wait, let's go back, what was the last thing I said. Ned Kelly. If Ned Kelly was one of the things that come to mind when I think of Australia, doesn't that make him an Australian icon? I believe that it does and here are my reasons why.

In the year 2000 at the Olympic games, images of Ned Kelly were projected to the audience around the world, so Ned is an icon not just to me and if pictures of him were at the Olympic games, we as Australians must not be completely ashamed of him, so why do people think Ned is a treacherous thief and a murderer. Ned was forced to become a bush ranger by the police. He was wrongly accused most of the time and he stood up for his family and friends and most importantly he stood up for what he believed in. When Ned was accused for attacking a police cop, he tried to explain what happened but the police denied it and put a reward on him. He was forced to run, but even after that he tried to stop and tell them again and sent them two letters, one of which is below (and is also mentioned in the song) but instead they just increased the reward. By standing up for the defenseless people, going against the people that stopped him and by standing up for what he believed in, this is what I believe makes him a great Australian icon.

Ned Kelly is as Australian as you can get, his mother and father both came from Ireland, his dad was a convict - someone who was pushed down for what he did - which made Ned different to other people and is partly what made him an Australian icon. Ned's life showed the history of Australia, his mother was a settler and his father was a convict, which in turn made him steal and have a bad attitude towards cops and British people. He was a Larrikin. This is also what happened to Australia. Australia was used as a massive jail cell, it was the underdog of the world but in it's own way it was great. Ned Kelly was the underdog so he stood up and went against the law and rules; he was a Larrikin and was proud to be an outcast of society. This is my second reason Ned Kelly was an Australian Icon and a good one.

My third and final argument is that Ned Kelly did all his highway robberies, horse theft and murder in Australia. He was notorious in Australia just like Hitler was in Germany, but to compare them would be wrong because there was a good side to Ned. If Ned had done everything in China he would be a Chinese icon, but he lived in Australia. Part of the reason anybody knows and can remember Ned is because of his Helmet and suit, he was smart enough to create the world's first bullet proof armor, but that's not the only reason why his armor is iconic. The reason Ned Kelly survived so long is because of his armor, he spent every moment out in the open with his armor since it was created and his is the most remembered out of all the armor in his gang. He had the best designed and best made armor, his was not the strongest in his gang but it was the most effective and so teamed up with his wits he survived the longest. This is why Ned is a well known Australian icon.

These are my arguments and reasons why Ned was as good of an icon as any. Many people say that Ned is a mean, vicious, cold - blooded killer because of what they have heard. I have explained the real reasons and hopefully you too will see that Ned Kelly is a great Australian icon!

The Jerilderie Letter

Ned Kelly's life in a song

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