Noah West

Portuguese caravel captain

The Caravel Ships had a big impact on the 1600's. The ships made it Easier and more efficient to travel long distances. Because of the efficiency to travel long distances , it made a key part in trading at this time.  

One of the Designs of the Caravel ships

The Caravel ships were small-to-medium sized ships were used as cargo carriers, warships, patrol or dispatch boats, and pirate ships.The Portuguese Discovered that the standard Ship could not sail safely and productively through the climate and currents of the sea, So Prince Henry and some of his men began building on the Caravel for long distance voyages and trading . The ship was design and built at one of the ports in Portugal. The Caravel was built with Amazing speed and weigh about 50 to 200 tons which also made it great for caring cargo and other resources you get from their voyages .

The impact the ships had on the world becoming "smaller" is that these ships made it easier to travel long distances. The ships before could not with stand the weather and strength of the waves .Which made it harder to travel and trade to other civilization around the world. . The new material that Prince Henry and his men used to build the ships to make the faster and stronger was a very little but a big help to this time period.    , The ships being able to travel long distances help the ship man learn and be able to share other cultures.   Another key factor is trading , these ship made it easier to trade to people further away because the ship could handle the tough currents. Making trading easier help the peoples lives become easier. It honestly help people provide and make a living for there families.

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