Rikki Farr

Music Industry Professional Rikki Farr Has Roots in Sports

About Rikki Farr

Currently working with Audio Design Experts, Rikki Farr is a world-renowned audio expert who has been in the music industry since developing a chance friendship with John Lennon in the early 1960s. In addition to booking bands during the early years of the British music revolution, he is also an entrepreneur who started multiple successful companies, such as the sound and lighting company Electrotec and the concert tour production company International Tour Services. More recently, Rikki Farr founded the car audio company Diamond Audio, which he sold to Cerwin-Vega Mobile, and another audio company, ASI, which merged with the publicly traded Aurasound.

In addition to music, Mr. Farr has also distinguished himself in the realm of athletics. The child of heavyweight boxing champion Thomas George Farr and Olympic equestrian Muriel Montgomery Germon, he was exposed to sports from an early age and played rugby, tennis, and cricket at the various preparatory schools he attended. While a student at Seaford College in West Sussex, he served as the captain of multiple teams and earned the Victor Ludorum title as the school’s best athlete two years in a row. Rikki Farr also participated in sports as an adult, playing on the junior national rugby team for Wales.

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