Spykman's Rimland Theory

What is it?

The Rimland is a concept championed by Nicholas John Spykman, professor of international relations at Yale University. To him geopolitics is the planning of the security policy of a country in terms of its geographical factors. He described the maritime fringe of a country or continent; in particular the densely populated western, southern, and eastern edges of the Eurasian continent.Spykman thought that the Rimland, the strip of coastal land that encircles Eurasia, is more important than the central Asian zone (the so-called Heartland) for the control of the Eurasian continent. Spykman's vision is at the base of the "containment politics" put into effect by the United States in its relation/position to the Soviet Union during the post-World War II period.

How could NATO be incorporated?


First, we need to understand what NATO, or North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is exactly. Click the link to learn about NATO.

How are they connected?

NATO creates alliances within the rimland and unites them so they can be protected.