Songs about Rising Up and Going

We Are (Kari Jobe)

The Stand (Hillsong)

All Sons and Daughters (Cross Point Church)

I Am Not Ashamed (Brooklyn Tab Choir)

This is a good one, but we need to purchase the sheet music on this site here: Music Notes

We Are Not Ashamed (Geron Davis)


Chorus 1

We are not ashamed
No we are not ashamed of the Gospel
The Truth we will proclaim
We are committed and we choose
To tell the world the Good News the Gospel
We are not ashamed

Verse 1

We've made a commitment
To proclaim Him every day
Shouting from the mountain
That Jesus is the way
He gave the commission
And now it's up to you and me
It's time to declare it
Somebody needs you to share it
For it's the truth
That can set them free

Misc 1

We will go and tell it everywhere
The Word of Truth we will gladly share
The Gospel
We are not ashamed

Take the Good News into all the world
Tell ev'ry man woman boy and girl
The Gospel
We are not ashamed
We are gonna lift our voice and say
Jesus Christ is the only way
The Gospel
We are not ashamed

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so
Stand up and tell it ev'rywhere you go
The Gospel
We are not ashamed