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Senior Software Engineer at Rizwan Mallal

About Rizwan Mallal

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Albright College, Mr. Rizwan Mallal attended the University of Vermont, where he researched the MACH Operating System and Unix System V Kernels and earned a Master of Science. Since receiving his M.S., Rizwan Mallal has been involved with a number of successful startups and has personally experienced two Initial Public Offerings and two acquisitions in less than ten years. With an entrepreneurial drive and an innovative mind, Rizwan Mallal currently holds a patent and has been involved in the development of the industry'€™s first firewall for Microsoft Windows at Raptor Systems, as well as the industry'€™s first embedded SSL offloader at Phobos. Rizwan Mallal uses his own success to support other East Coast entrepreneurial ventures as both an angel investor and a mentor. In addition, Rizwan Mallal supports the Fisher Foundation, which benefits an array of arts, social service, health, and educational nonprofits, and BUILD, which provides underserved students with life-changing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Rizwan Mallal functioned as Chief Security Architect of Forum Systems, responsible for all security measures of its technologies. Forum Systems has pioneered XML and Web Services Gateways and Firewalls, and Rizwan Mallal was responsible for the security architecture of Forum'€™s XML gateway product line and built the industry'€™s first XML Security accelerator. Forum Systems is now a subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks, Inc.

Currently serving as the Vice President of Operations for Crosscheck Networks, Rizwan Mallal handles the company’s sales, marketing, business development, and financial operations. In this position, Rizwan Mallal has achieved record results with accelerated revenue growth and customer expansion, often solidifying strategic partnerships for Crosscheck Networks. Rizwan Mallal has consistently delivered 50 percent revenue growth year to year since the company’s inception.

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