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Welcome, to the wonderful world of books!

Welcome to my book blog! The picture above is one of my favorite quotes from the book INKHEART (the picture with the butterfly.)  by:Cornelia Funke, I personally love that book and if you want to know why I love that book, you should check it out. The reason for naming this book blog "battle of the books" is because every week I will read different books of different genres and different reading levels and I will pick which one was the best in my personal opinion.If you don't agree with my opinion you could put yours in the comments and why you picked that certain book and I just might change my opinion MIGHT , well other than that I hope you enjoy.


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This week's battle was between the books:Twisted by: Laurie Halse Anderson, Land of stories: The Wishing Spell by: Chris Colfer,  and Heaven is for real by: Tod Burpo and Lynn Vincent.

The winner is in the picture below.


I picked Twisted as the winner because the story is about a boy named Tyler (sorry forgot his last name). Tyler who was usually picked on middle school became a strong, handsome , somewhat popular senior who somewhat kind of won the heart of  the popular, beautiful, rich Bethany Mulberry. Bethany's father was Tyler's dad's boss and her brother was a pain in the butt who was always messing with Tyler's best friend Yoda and he hated the fact that Bethany and Tyler were "going out" together. Although his life may seem cool it is needing less to say "twisted" especially at home his dad is never home and when he is it seems as if a tornado of anger and hate has been tearing their home apart their mother has went from a loving wife of their dad to a blank, empty figure who seems as if she is more of a maid then a wife. On top of that Tyler's sister started dating Tyler's best friend Calvin A.K.A. Yoda and soon Tyler's emotions start to get the best of him and his "twisted" life may push him to far over the edge.

This weeks battle of the books is between the books: Stormbreaker by:Anthony Horowitz, and the book: The Clique. The winner will be listed below.

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