Agent of Socialization

The Fam

My family has had a huge affect on my socialization. They have taught me everything I have learned. From a young age, they started teaching me how to act in public and what to do and what not to do. Not only my parents, but my sister has also taught me a lot about socialization. As a kid, we would always play together. Every morning me and my sister would wake up and watch Pokemon before we went to school.


School was a huge help for my socialization. That is when I saw all of my friends and talked to most of them. I saw some out of school, but only certain ones. We would also have activities in school to help us socialize. Recess also helped because we got to interact with everyone. Even if we didn't know them, we would play with them.

Peer Groups

My peer groups also have a huge affect on my socialization. the more I hang around with my friends, the more I start to act like them. These are the people I am with most of the time. I am always with my friends when i can be. Also, my sports teams have really helped me socialize. Whether it is football or baseball, I am always with my team. Every day I am with one of my teams so they have had a huge affect on me.

Mass Media

Social media and TV has really affected my socialization. Social media maybe a little bit more than TV. On social media, it is a way for everyone to socialize and you learn a lot from other people when you do. TV has affected me because it shows different ideas and different situation that I don't really see too much so it changes perspective. It is also very funny and you can learn some from it. Movie and TV quotes are also a way that people socialize.

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