Going Galapagos

Into the Wild

The Wild

Traveling to the Galapagos is like traveling into a National Geographic cover story. The colors alone are all so vivid. The waters were the bluest blues and the sea lions had a glossy rainbow sheen. Everything was so naturally beautiful it was unnatural.

The Ocean

The Galapagos Islands can be found in the Pacific Ocean. You can see straight to the bottom, it's crystal clear. There are rocks and corals all along the islands that you can see when snorkeling or just straight down from the boat. And then the animals! The waters are filled with the most fascinating creatures. From large sea turtles to little fish, the wildlife of the ocean was amazing.

The Sea Lions

The sea lions were the most exciting part of the trip. They were playful, fascinating creatures. While snorkeling, they would come up to us and blow bubbles at our masks. They were so curious, the pups would swim with us. Anytime we were with them we had to be careful, the male of the group, the bull, would watch us. If we got to close to his colony, he would bark at us, warning us we were in his territory.

Their curiosity was not just in the water. On land they would come right up to us. They would walk right across the rocks to see what we were doing. When they were just laying on the sand, we could go right up to them, they did not mind how close we got.

The Birds

There are so many types of birds in the Galapagos Islands and they are unlike anything I've ever seen. One species is the frigatebird; they are these big birds with iridescent black feathers with a wingspan around 6 feet. The males frigatebird has an inflatable red throat pouch that they use to attract a mate. It looks as though they have a balloon on their underbelly. The baby frigatebirds are the most cuddly little things I have ever seen. They are balls of fluff and they look like stuffed animals.

The Frigatebird

There were many other birds as well, all very unique. There were flamingos, penguins, the blue footed booby and more!

The Iguanas

There was one creature that we saw everyday, everywhere; the iguana. In the Galapagos Islands, iguanas are as common there as pigeons are in New York. They just sit around all day and stare. They were very docile creatures.

The Tortoise

Always save the best for last, the giant tortoise is what the islands are known for. These tortoises are bred and raised in captivity at the Darwin Research Station and then when they are of age, they are released onto the islands. We were able to see them up close and personal while they were feeding. They are HUGE! They are very calm, slow-moving creatures, everything you would expect a tortoise to be.

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