Axis Capital Group is a Great Choice

Our purchase orders with Axis Capital Group, Singapore were actually not so expesive as i thought when I got to compare it to other companies. The good thing about them is that before the orders are released, they are making sure that they are gonna be delevering quality equipmemts. And in addition, any order using a capital expense general ledger account is routed for release regardless of the value of the order. So rest assured that there will no scams to worry about.

I believe that they make all reviews first before all orders are created and delivered. It is easier to make any transaction with Axis Capital Group, Singpore since there is one office that is responsible for reviewing all purchase ordered and there is one representative for every customer. There will be no complications and confusions on orders. Reviewing and releasing the orders gives prior notice to all orders, because every orders is a priority.

Capital Equipments are very expensive, every time you do a raise, you dilute, i believe Axis Capital Group is very much aware of these that is why even though they are a bit pricey they would never sacrifice quality. It makes sense to look for places where you can use other less expensive forms of capital to fund growth.

I'm not a fan of debt for an early stage startup because there is no obvious way that the debt is going to get paid back. But Axis Capital Group, Singapore provides an opportunity for debt financing because you can borrow against the equipment. There are two primary ways to do this, capital equipment loans and leases.

I believe they were a big part of our business success.

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