How was poisonous gas used in WWI?
Caroline Rowatt & Savannah Johnson

A man and his horse have gas masks in case of an attack.

      In WWI poison gas was used for attacking enemies in warfare. The French were the first to use poison gas against their enemy. Therefore, you need a gas mask for protection (even horses), because if you survive most are blinded by the gas. Better safe than sorry! Then, later in the war, the use of gas increased, and Germany was the biggest user of poison gas. Gas was mostly used on trenches and they rang a bell for a warning of an attack. However, in 1899 and 1907 they prohibited the use of poison gas and gas weapons.

How was life in the trenches?

These are the soldiers from WWI in the trenches.

      Life in the trenches was not a very easy lifestyle for soldiers. At that time, there were rats as big as house cats! However, during their free time, they played cards for fun. But, they had some chores to do. They had to refill sandbags. Sandbag were used for walls for the trenches. Usually, they don't get much sleep, but they still haven't to fight during the day.

These are the soldiers jumping over sandbags that they filled up.

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