The Initial Meeting-
Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story

Directions: We previously compared the opening sequence of Romeo and Juliet with West Side Story. We are now going to look at the initial meeting of the main characters from the plays, Romeo and Juliet and Tony and Maria. Please watch both clips and take notes on similarities and differences between the two!

Romeo Meets Juliet

Setting the Scene: The Capulet House- Romeo and his fellow attendees arrive at the Capulet party.

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Tony Meets Maria

Setting the Scene:  The Gym- Actually, a converted gymnasium of a settlement house, at the moment being used as a dancehall, disguised for the occasion with streamers and bunting. Both gangs are jitterbugging wildly with their bodies, but their faces, although they are enjoying themselves, remain cool, almost detached. The line between the two gangs is sharply defined by the colors they wear: the Jets, girls as well as boys, reflecting the colors of the Jets jackets; the same is true of the Sharks.

Now that you have watched both scenes, let's compare them!

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