Soccer Now

By 1883 FIFA had come to a decision on uniforms. Which was that when going against any other team their shirt had to be the jersey which was not similar to the home team.

The first international Soccer game was 1885 between Canada and the US

A Game in which Canada had won with a score of 1-0

1888 FIFA had introduced the penalty shots. This involves any kind of foul caused in the goalie box which is a rectangle on each side of the field in which is where the goalie can touch the ball with his hands to protect the goal and make sure no one scores on his/her team.

1900, the year in which soccer got introduced into the Olympics. The first in which Great Britain was the Gold Medalist spot. 1932 Soccer was taken out of the Olympics because of the expense to go to the designated area for the events.

FIFA established the first World Cup in 1930. It involved 13 teams and was around a month long like it is to this day. Uruguay won the first ever World Cup and will be a moment to never forget.  

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