Ear Infection


By Mia B.and Ben P.


Ear infections are one of the most common reasons parents take there kids to the doctor! Most common ear infection are the swimmers ear and just an infection in the middle of the ear.

Ear infection's cause ear pain,and sometimes a fever! You may also have trouble hearing!


The doctor will give you a medication that is right for you!You have to be on it for as long as your doctor tells you!


If you have an ear infection how to prevent that is...

-Sometimes staying away from people who smoke can help!

If you want prevent swimmers ear...

-Don't go swimming

If you want to go swimming then wear ear plugs!

To wrap it up

So if you don't want to get any of these symptoms then take our word for it! If you don't want your ear to hurt any more... Hurry up sprint to the doctor and get a medication!!