Emmett Till

By: Amaya Miller

Emmett Till was born July 25, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois. He was a hard-worker, who always helped his mother around the house. Him and his mother lived alone. One day, his uncle, Mose Wright, came to visit them. While he was there he told many stories about his life in Mississippi. When Emmett found out that his uncle was taking his cousin back home with him he decided he wanted to go. He pleaded and pleaded with his mother until she finally said yes. On August 20, 1955, Emmett Till arrived in Money, Mississippi. On August 24, he and his cousin arrived in the store of Bryant's Grocery. Several accounts of what happened that day, in the store, have been told. Some people say that he whistled at her, and some people say he grabbed her hand while saying "You needn't be afraid of me baby. I've had white women before."  Carolyn, was said to be "terrified". She later told her husband, Roy Bryant, and him and his half brother set out to find Emmett. On August 28, 1955, he was found and kidnapped from his uncle's house at around 2:30 am. They then viciously beat him and when they were finished took him to the Tallahatchie River bank. When they got there, they shot him in the head, tied a metal fan to his body with barbed wire, and pushed his disfigured body into the water. On August 31, 1955, the corps was pulled out of the water. The only thing they could recognize him by was the ring on his finger engraved with the initials M.T., his father's ring. Till's mother held an open casket, to show the world what was done. Roy Bryant and his half brother, J.W. Milam,  were taken to court, and despite all the clear evidence, they were found not guilty. Months later, protected by the double-jeopardy law, they confessed to the murder.

In my opinion, Emmett Till was a young, but loving soul. He always cleaned and even sometimes cooked for his mother, and even defended her from his father once. I believe he may have been a little disrespectful because of  what he said to Carolyn Bryant, but no one deserves to be brutally murdered as he was. Many of his friends, in interviews, have described his as "funny and just a cool guy".

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