Seven things you don't need to know.                              about me.

  1. My Best Friends are Aramata,Lizzy,Rere-Maia,Juliet and my really awesome friends that are like family to me are Destiny,Jahna and Akayla.

This is my best friend Aramata and we have a few photos together because we were going for a run.Me and Aramata have been really good friends but now we are bffff.It has my main friends in it like sapphire who is my cousin.My other best friend is in it and she is called Lizzy Beachamp.We have been best friends for 3 years now and shes at another school now but we are still best friends.

I love lots of ice-creams but some times i dont like Hockey Pockey or coffee toffee thing but yeah part from those i love ice-creams very much :)

I love Kowhai park so much it gives me so much memorizes and its got lots of stuff you can go on and it is so much fun and just really awesome to play on.

I love playing Rugby with my Family and Friends.Rugby is 1 of my favorite sport but i don't like hurting people because on my first game i made someone cry.Rugby is a great sport and it is awesome but except for hurting the boys but i was the only girl in Havelock north primary super 6 so yer it was pretty cool smashing boys.

3. I love going swimming at Onekawa.I like doing bombs in the water like Manu's and Staples and it is really fun.i like to practice for school and swimming competitions.

4. I HATE Cockroaches they just make me sick and really really scared. Cockroaches are just so freaky and they freak me out a lot and they are YUCK and just ugly.Even they can never hurt because there harmless but they are still freaky.

5. I get along with my family a lot and most of the time but me and my sister play fight or argue a lot but its funny.I love my family very much and we support each other no matter what.They look older then this though.

6. I love kit kat caramel,kit kat chocolate and kit kat cookies and cream even though i don't like cookies and cream but its yummy with lots of chocolate and crunch.i also love caramel so much with everything mmmm yummy.

7. I Love high tops very much because they are cool and i am a tomboy and i love being one i just love converse shoes so much.They are very awesome to wear and look really cool but i have never had any because i always forget about it and get other stuff but when i have spent all my money i just remember CONVERSE then i get really angry but oh well better luck nek time.

One of my Best friends are Juliet and Tijuana.They are really good friends and we like tacking selfies and hanging out with each other a and Tijuana hang out nearly everyday after school, me and Juliet hang out during school a lot but i have really good times with my best Friends.

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