Ruler or Rulers: Wendi and Emperor Yang Di

Government/Capitol: Centralized Government

Culture/Influences: The earlier dynasties before the Sui

Achievements: Completion of the Grand Canal, Restored order, Created a new legal code, Reformed Bureaucracy


Ruler or Rulers: Taizong, Wu Zhao, Xuanzhong

Government/Capitol: Centralized Government; Capitol:Chang'an  and Luoyang

Culture/Influences: Sui Dynasty and Buddhism

Achievements: Spread Chinese influence around the world,


Ruler or Rulers:

Government/Capitol: Capitol: Kaifeng Government:Centralized Government

Culture/Influences: New Class: the Gentry Scholar Officials and leading landowners who gained powers at this time. Influences: Neo-Confucianism

Achievements: Literature and Art, Porcelain, Pagoda, Technology and science, Woodblock printing, Movable type-type, Agriculture became more productive, and trade increased