The country we have chose is Indonesia. Indonesia has many interesting facts and details. I will be telling you a lot of stuff about it in this passage.

First, i will be telling you about how Indonesia is a religious island. Indonesia is very religious. It has many religions. Its top religion is Muslim (86%).

Second, I will be telling you about the people and the population of Indonesia. The people in Indonesia are different, but not in a bad way. They are very protective with things, but people there are poor, badly. Indonesia's population is (251,160,124 people).

Third, I will be telling you about the languages they speak. There are many languages that are spoken in Indonesia. There official language is called Bahasa Indonesia. Millions can speak it.

In conclusion, Indonesia is very unique and interesting. If you ever get a chance you should visit Indonesia. This is why we chose Indonesia as our country.

Indonesia's flag. The sacred red and white.

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