Is redemption truly possible?

Katie Kitchen

I believe that redemption is not possible. You can try so hard to recover from your actions, but that evil deed will always remain on you name.

Jack the Ripper- in 1888 a man by the name of Jack sprung into a killing spree slicing the throats and splitting the stomach, exposing the internal parts of his victims. The crimes he has committed over a hundred and twenty years ago still elapse in today's crimes. 

A woman by the name of Elizabeth Bathory was a countess of Dracula and was believed to be the most successful woman serial killer in history. She killed and drained her victims, who were all girls, blood on her skin. Her thought was the blood of young and beautiful girl would keep her looking young and beautiful. Even though she did not have trial, the towns people did not forgive her for her actions and they forced her to stay in one room for the rest of her life. She died four days later. 

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