Audio broadcating

Jaylin Anderson

session 1

In session 1 i just played with the sound waves. then learned how a radio station operates. In the sound wave we just operated with the sound wave fixing it and editing it. too test and see what it would sound like.

session 2

We looked at a commercial and presented it with the mic. Then we made an introduction for our newspaper article and talked about why they have carpet on the walls. Because their wouldn't be no Eco.

session 3

In session 3 we just got on the internet and found a newspaper atricle. then we just copied it down. after that we just went over it to see did it make any since.

session 4

In session 4 we just got our newspaper article that we went over and just presented it. With the mic and we edited again to be better. Then we listen to it on the record.

session 5

In session 5 we created music lead ins and lead outs for our news and commentary broadcast. Finally we launched to the music creation thing and just played and edit it and listen to it.

session 6

In session 7 we just completed the music lead in leads and out leads for the news commentary for our session. Then we created additional music files for our broadcast.

Session 7

Session 7 we finished the media file and combine the media file together. We listen to it and saved it. Then get a CD and burned it on the disc. Audio Broadcasting goes with a job like radio station because of you can produce almost the same thing there. Radio station you get to talk on the air with other people, and learn how the stuff works. Radio stations are just like Audio Broadcasting because of you have to talk on the air to. I think that job fits perfect with audio broadcasting because they are both like a twin you just do the same thing.