By: Kate Abreu Period: 6

The  amount of Jelly Bean's flavors from 1980 to 2013
Are there more jelly bean flavors in 1980 or 2013?

List of Data For the 1980's And 2013-2014

  • In the 1980's There were around 40 flavors of Jelly beans in Jelly belly.
  • Now in 2013-2014 there are 50 flavors around for Jelly Belly  but over the years some of them have been discontinued.

My Work
As you can see there has been an increase of 10 more jelly bean flavors.

As you can see there has a dramatic increase of the types of Jelly Belly flavors have  increased by 25%

This surprised me because I thought that in 1980 there would not be that many flavors.And I thought it would increase more because of different types of foods and drinks.


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