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What is Terrorism?  it is an act of violence because of political problems.
What is a terrorist? a person who thinks there opinion and way they feel should be shown by violence or in a way to make them have more power.
good or bad? force? I completely disagree with the government having rights to harm or violate anyone else,s rights, by initiating force against others. A proper government is permitted to use force to retaliate against a thief who has initiated force against someone, stealing money. However, a proper government is not permitted to copy the means of private criminals by initiating force against its citizens. The government is not even permitted to rob them of their wealth if the stolen loot is to be used for so called “noble” purposes, such as for the sick and poor.

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The Felice Orsini:

*it was an Italian revolutionary leader of the “Carbonari” who attempted to assassinate the French Emperor Napoleon III
* on January 14, 1858.
* him and a bunch of other people got together and on their way to the theater they threw three bombs at the royal carriage.
*Carbonari, Empress Eugénie de Montijo, bystanders, Napoleon III
*he believing that he was a major impediment to Italian independence
*his terrorist acts inspired the first Russian terrorist groups.
*death of 8 bystanders while injuring 142 more.