Hurricane Hero's

By: Anaya James

Something that Matt Corrigan, Ariel Creamer and Deamonte Love all have in common is that they are are all hero's, because of what they did to help people that were involved in a hurricane. Matt Corrigan helped an elderly woman across the frigid water and went back for her two dogs. Deamonte Love watched over his cousins and neighbors and led them to safety. Deamonte and Matt both helped somebody and brought them to safety. Ariel helped people online by making a Facebook page and helping people get back some of the stuff hey had lost. Deamonte also helped his cousins and neighbors get back what they had lost which is their parents. Ariel and Matt have similar characteristics because they both helped people quickly. Also Ariel and Deamonte had to travel to another place because of the hurricanes.

Matt, Ariel, and Deamonte are all hero's but they still differ in some ways. Matt was 16, Ariel was 14, and Deamonte was 6 when the hurricanes hit their homes. Ariel got awarded for helping others and Matt didn't. Deamonte got separated from his family and Ariel stayed with her parents. Deamonte got hit by hurricane Katrina and Matt got hit by hurricane Sandy.

Ariel Creamer

Deamonte Love

Matt Corrigan

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