Cole Decker

About my Family

My family is an interesting one...

I grew up in a suburb of Columbus, but a newer house on a quarter acre didn't really fit us too well. During my senior year of high school, we moved to five wooded acres out on a country road just a few miles from our old house. This is the house I now call home. This house just fits.

My dad was most excited about the move, because this only meant one thing to him: the ability to explore (and be a little outrageous). Within a few months of living in the woods, we had a farm name and our first two goats. Our farm "Deckers Peckers Farm" would see five more goats and fifteen chickens within a short year. I would say that the biggest tradition in my family is doing the unexpected. Thanks to the move I have learned to "go with the flow," and I have also started learning how to enjoy it. I am so happy to have the crazy family I do, because without them I probably wouldn't have any fun!

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